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Time and Time
What is it like to feel
The anger of another?
What is it like to
Feel down graded?
What is it like to live,
What they have been living for an eternity?
what is it like
To crave the unexpected?
What is it like
To devour the innocents?
What is it like,
To build up guilt?
What is it like,
To mourn for the weak?
What is it like,
For the confused, to go unhealed?
What is it like,
For you to gaze by, without even a thought of the kind?
The intensity of the overwhelmed
The ghastly effects of the unknown
Flow easily through our minds
Not even a second thought
A mere outlook of the world
and the disappearing of our own opinions
:iconrhealyrinassaine:RheaLyrinAssaine 3 4
Can you find the kitty cat? :D by RheaLyrinAssaine Can you find the kitty cat? :D :iconrhealyrinassaine:RheaLyrinAssaine 1 3 Zarya by RheaLyrinAssaine Zarya :iconrhealyrinassaine:RheaLyrinAssaine 5 17
Your killer
Place your life in my hands
The condescending life you operate
Through nothing is but a lie
In the mind of a simple minded human
A gift
Presented unwillingly to you
A way to face reality
Without the lucid truth unfolding
Watching you struggle
Brings a smile to my face
Tightening the rope
To each of your cries
"Please please release me"
The young soul begged.
A simple raise of the eyebrow
Informed you
You had no chance
The raise of my knife
Spliced the center of your palm
Blood danced down towards your arm
As you struggled some more into my embrace
"Scream" I pleaded
No mercy is given
For the games I play
Seen as a savior
For all to see
You given up
What a shame
Needless to say
I was enjoying this game
Drip drop
Drop drip
Blood trickled to the floor
The sweet smell of victory
I placed my hand
In the puddle of blood
Hand prints covered the wall
As laughter escaped my lips
Your body laid completely naked
Blood covered you from head to toe
I glanced over my artwork
And thought out loud
:iconrhealyrinassaine:RheaLyrinAssaine 6 8
Welcome to the family
 A young lady sat at the edge of her chair.   Her eyes were blood shot, hair was filthy, and her smile wasn’t visible as it   once was. Drinking her coffee that she order maybe half an hour ago; She   flipped through a book, as if it was the way out of all the trouble she was   in. Her eyes rushed through the pages as if it was her death wish. I have   never seen a lady with so much on her mind that her hair would start turning   grey. She was about my age, and maybe looked like she has had a couple kids   in her life time. Maybe she was divorced for a couple of years.
 I glanced down to look at my watch. It was a   quarter passed nine and was due for my morning jog. I stood up and left a tip   for the waiter. I looked back up to see if the lady was still looking at the   book, but she had vanished. Maybe my mind was playing tricks on me and she   left normally, but then again I wasn’t looking at my wat
:iconrhealyrinassaine:RheaLyrinAssaine 3 2
Shadows dance over sandy rocks
beside a fog-covered river
one that even makes brave souls shiver
a crow chilling call mocks
makes little girls knees lock
tree limbs quiver
the crows calling become bitter
the river knocks
against the shore
the river cries out in fear
a girl nears
her cries mourn
her emotions come out here
down her cheeks run the tears
:iconrhealyrinassaine:RheaLyrinAssaine 6 4
A place
What is it like to live?
Live a life without judgement
A peaceful world
without the likes of misery
A place where we can dance
and feel the happiness
float around us
A place where dreams
becomes a reality
A place darkness fears
in the mist
of a simple lifeless dream
A chance to live
with countless obsessions
Banishment of our own hell
To a happiness of a life time
:iconrhealyrinassaine:RheaLyrinAssaine 3 16
A piece of her
Give me a piece of you
Your smile
brings brightness to my day
Your eyes
Shine into my life
Your laugh
Is my escape
Look into my eyes
What do you see?
A lost girl
Or a girl of many wonders?
Glance towards my lips
What do you see?
A girl with no luck
Or a girl with a lot to offer
Listen to my laugh
What do you hear?
an annoying sound
Or a girl with the world by her side?
Give me the time
To understand our similarities
To stear through the difficulties
A life of many possibilities
:iconrhealyrinassaine:RheaLyrinAssaine 5 18
Beneath her
Beneath her
A smile hidden from the world
Beneath her
A girl under stress
Beneath her
A world of many wonderful desires
Beneath her
A grief filled with darkness
Beneath her
Worries of insecurities
Beneath her
A lie of happiness
Beneath her
No one listened
Beneath her
anger flooded her face
Beneath her
Realization of what must come
Beneath her
A pile of dirt
Beneath her
Bugs who flow through soil
Above her
A grave filled of fakeness
:iconrhealyrinassaine:RheaLyrinAssaine 6 8
Behind the eyes of each child
Lays the horrid beast of a smile
Glimpses of a gate wall
Forbids even the greatest to fall
Brown sparkling of their eyes
Their lips of a soft pink
A piece of their hair falls into their eyes
As the giggling of the quietness of your voice
Close your eyes
For a mid second
Everything is a breeze
Until you hear them
The noise is unbearing
As you get up to look
And all you see
:iconrhealyrinassaine:RheaLyrinAssaine 5 9
A mere piece of life
vanished from your sight
A simple wish
Could be all you have
Nothingness in the pure of light
When darkness takes flight
Forgiveness poured out of reach
As grief subsides your relief
silences of the unheard
releases an unsteady noise
One that conjours the mere reality
A brief mixture of your imagination
Releases a mist of fear
The mind betrays such innocents
For people of the less imaginative
:iconrhealyrinassaine:RheaLyrinAssaine 5 1
Another Angel
He came back to her
As she had fallen to her knees
Her sickness buried in her deep
He took a vow
to love her
throughout her life
He didn't complain
even when she first said goodbye
Now she's down and needs a help around
He came back to her
that very day
All was fine
Till the morning he arose
He saw her standing beside him
Healthy as could be
"My dear, you've help me throughout my years, and I thank you for the support. "
A sudden breeze
forced him to quickly move from his bed
There she laid
Her beauty hadnt faded
and from there he knew
God had brought her home
another angel
:iconrhealyrinassaine:RheaLyrinAssaine 8 3
Only if he knew
Beneath her smile
is all the lies she hides
Her eyes shine bright
underneath the tears at night
He laughs throughout his day
Forgetting all the games he played
A gift he attained  
From all the women he drained
She sits up out of bed
Feeling more then dead
Her heart aches
and it's more than she can take
On to the next lady
He will call his baby
Until he has had enough
Or until she calls his bluff
Her tears cover her cheeks
Every memory of him leaks
As she begins to lose control
She  forces herself into an overdose
He doesn't know
as he goes to the next hoe
His love was her curse
so she let go, from the universe.
:iconrhealyrinassaine:RheaLyrinAssaine 5 8
I don't want to fight
it's pointless in this time of light
I want pieces to form back
but it takes more than one, to pick up the slack
Time is a constant reminder of the past
It won't only effect you
but also me
let go of things that used to be and take a dose of reality
Misery floods the mind
of a condensing lie
:iconrhealyrinassaine:RheaLyrinAssaine 7 7
Little bit
Autumn breeze flows through the midnight sky
The look of her eyes, shined through his soul
A glimpse of realities mixing into the shadows
Appearing through all the memories
:iconrhealyrinassaine:RheaLyrinAssaine 5 3
A piece of me chapter 2
We had a nice place. It was only a two story house, but who am I to complain? Brick home, with every room being twice as big as any other houses in the neighborhood. We also have a pool that is a hot tub all in one. Everything was as good as it could get.
I placed the bowls and silverware on the table. It was half passed five and the children were upstairs, finishing up their chores; while I set the table for dinner. My husband would be home at any moment, and he liked when dinner was ready for him when he walked through the door.  The children managed to come downstairs, just as their father walked through the door.
“Hello, my dear. How was work?”
Cory frowned and cleared his throat. “I would like to speak about it at the table, Lisa.”
The expressions on his face explained more than I wanted to know. His tie was half off and his shirt was untucked. The worst came across my mind. A simple thought, I couldn’t erase. We all sat down at the table. The ch
:iconrhealyrinassaine:RheaLyrinAssaine 0 6


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